The Red Ledger: 3 - Meredith Wild

The Red Ledger: 3

  • Release Date: Aug 7th, 2018
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 36 Ratings


She can’t outrun him…

Isabel should have died the night we met. She has a gift for looking danger in the eye and coming out unscathed. She narrowly escaped DC with her life, and now she’s on the run again. I’m hardly her guardian angel, but I’m determined to keep her safe. More, I refuse to give her up. She’s under my skin, sparking more than a few latent memories. She’s made me feel again. Showed me I’m human in ways I never knew possible. 

I’ll find my way back to her, even if that means contending with the organization that has promised to keep her hidden. Except they have a different way of doing business than I’m accustomed to. Now I have to decide who I really am. Man or mercenary.


  • Oh Isobel why are you like that? Sigh

    By PrissyR79
    I have to start by saying I love Meredith Wild. Anything she writes, anything I would read, she’s amazing. I don’t even mind waiting for series of books and pre-ordering the one by one. Book three in the red ledger series was not my favorite. I don’t like that Isabel is supposed to be in love with Tristan but she leaves him behind and runs away. What’s the plan? She’s already been without him for years and just found him and then she runs away it doesn’t make sense for the storyline. Awesome he’s out gathering Intel trying to help her because that’s the hotel and she’s cleared out and abandon him she was a lot of help them and she takes off and leaves and behind so much for loyalty. Also in this book she goes against Tristan try to gain freedom and just feels awkward doesn’t go with the story. I’m dying to get back into book for if it’s as good as one and two I’ll be extremely happy.
  • Jaw dropping!

    By Minicajun
    Loved Red Ledger 3! Already pre-ordered the next three. You left me hanging at the end. I cannot wait for the next one! Thanks for a great ride of adventure! Bravo!
  • Great Book

    By AshleyHedden
    The Red Ledger:3 was another great book in The Red Ledger series by Meredith Wild. I have absolutely loved reading Isabel and Tristan's story. Isabel is still in danger and is now on the run. Tristan is a loyal man who will do anything to keep her safe. I have loved reading Tristan and Isabel's story. I can't wait to read more of this series.
  • Unbelievably awesome!

    By juliein05
    What a great book! Every one keeps me wanting more! I couldn’t read it fast enough and now I’m ready for the next one!
  • Great read!

    By 12toot
    I’ve gone back and forth on reading books broken up in installments. It’s good to be anticipating another great read but it’s difficult to wait for the next installment. The more I read about Tristan, the more that I like him. Sometimes, Isabel’s need to solve this herself was annoying and made the situation worse. Not knowing who you can trust and who you can’t makes for a difficult road ahead for Tristan and Isabel. I’m looking forward to the rest of the story.
  • I LOVE this story!

    By Never Ending Book Basket
    Meredith Wild continues to up the ante to the next level with each new installment to this incredible series. I am finding myself so beyond addicted and consumed to these characters and every twist and turn they find themselves facing as this story continues. What Meredith Wild so exceptionally crafted and continued in this third installment of The Red Ledger Series was phenomenal. It was perfectly intense, consuming in the most real way, and it took these characters to the edge in more ways than one. The start of this book picks up right where the last part left off, which I loved. Meredith Wild does the most incredible job of making this story one that you NEED more of. You makes that need so real and tangible at times, and that is just one of the many things that will have you hooked beyond measured into the world of this series. This next installment brings Isabel to New Orleans, as she continues her run from Tristan, from those who seek to kill her, and from so many other things. This chapter of her story finds her trying to make sense of what she feels, all while simultaneously hoping that Tristan will find his way back to her sooner rather than later. This next part delivers many answers, and brings about just as many questions about what will happen next and what the next chapter will bring for these two. What I loved about this next part of this fantastic series was that it continued everything I have already come to love about these characters and their world, while also introducing more pieces to the puzzle and new characters to think about. Every new character, every moment within this story, and every turn of that page presents another dynamic, intense, and unforgettable piece to the puzzle that is this story. Meredith Wild so exceptional crafts and plots those pieces, making the way it all unfolds and the way they all come together truly phenomenal. With every new moment I fall deeper under the spell that this book, this series, this world, and Tristan & Isabel cast. What those two share is raw, so passionate in the most unadulterated way, yet so meaningful and full of more and more heart. Getting to be there on their journey as he discovers more of his past, more of who he is with Isabel, and more of who he wants to be is something I will probably never get enough of. Getting to be there with her as she discovers and wields her own strength and tenacity, as she learns about herself and what she wants, and as she is tested in ways she never expected is something I truly love. The two of them have a fiercely strong connection that knows now bounds. This next chapter with them just heightened all of that even more, and I am beyond ready to see where their next chapter will take them together. Meredith Wild proves again and again in this story that she is an incredible write who writes one helluva story. She creates a world that is gritty and intense and so easy to jump right into. She seamlessly crafts a story that will keep you on your toes through every page while you try to guess what will happen next. She thoughtfully brings to life two characters who are dynamic, memorable, and have a fiercely strong connection that will pull you in something fierce. Simply put, this story has it all and I could not be more addicted to it! This was another phenomenal installment to this series, and I look forward to devouring the 4th as soon as I can get my hands on it! Meredith Wild continues to show how truly amazing her writing and storytelling is, and this installment with Tristan and Isabel was nothing short of incredible!
  • Terrific!!!

    By Starorchids
    The race of their lives continue! Exhilarating and heart pounding. Meredith Wild continues to hold captive my breath in The Red Ledger Part Three. I devour every sentence as if it’s my last meal. I crave more of this story ASAP.
  • Worth the wait.

    By Panty dropping book blog
    Even though I wish I could read all the parts, book 3 is worth the wait. Every one just keeps getting better. I’m invested. I’m thrilled. I love this story.
  • Love!!!!

    By daisysadiebear
    Absolutely love part 3. It was amazing!! I can’t wait to see where Tristian and Isabel story continues since it keeps getting better from the very beginning. Once I pick up this book or any of Meredith books I just can’t seem to put them done. They are a must read. I am so in love with this series and looking forward to more.