The Brown Fairy Book - Andrew Lang

The Brown Fairy Book

  • Release Date: Dec 31st, 1911
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables


Once upon a time a great king of the East, named Saman-lalposh, 2 had three brave and clever sons, Tahmasp, Qamas, and Almas-ruh-baksh. 3 One day, when the king was sitting in his hall of audience, his eldest son, Prince Tahmasp, came before him, and after greeting his father with due respect, said: 'O my royal father! I am tired of the town; if you will give me leave, I will take my servants to-morrow and will go into the country and hunt on the hill-skirts; and when I have taken some game I will come back, at evening-prayer time'. His father consented, and sent with him some of his own trusted servants, and also hawks, and falcons, hunting dogs, cheetahs and leopards.