The Homeric Hymns - Andrew Lang

The Homeric Hymns

  • Release Date: Jan 1st, 1899
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


"The Hymn to the Sun"

This hymn describes, without naming him, the origins of the sun god Apollo, and also the manifestations of his light and power. The poet metaphorically likens journey of the sun across the sky to that of the god driving a golden chariot drawn by mighty horses, and concludes with a prayer for "a life that is going to satisfy my heart".

"The Hymn to the Moon"

At the beginning of this hymn, the poet invokes the power and grace of the Muses as he sings the praises of the Moon, whom he names Selene. Like the journey of the sun above, the journey of the moon across the sky is metaphorically likened to that of a mighty chariot drawn by great horses. The poet also suggests.