Modeling for Animation - Jeremy A. Parrish

Modeling for Animation

  • Release Date: Oct 25th, 2012
  • Genre: Computers


In animation, story is the bridge that connects and drives all aspects of production. But too often, CG Artists forget that despite the apparent separation between all parts of the production pipeline, each part helps to drive or to derail the progress of a stories development. From beginning to end, animation depends on each phase of development to drive production forward. But even the smallest detail can throw it all out of whack. Bridging the gap between design and animation, the model sets the tone for the future success or failure of a production. A good model doesn't guarantee success, but it makes it much easier to achieve. 

"Modeling for Animation" discusses the ideas, theories, and concepts which should be on your mind, as it demonstrates, tutors, and explains a variety of tools, tips, and techniques which will help you to become someone who models for the sake of the next phase. Don't just model for yourself, model for animation.

What's inside?
1. Video / Imagery / Text (Demos/ Tips/ Technique)
2. Polygon Tool tips
3. Modeling Tips
4. UV editing in Maya
5. 2D Texture Projection
6. Tips on applying textures