Rigging Techniques and Asset Development - Jeremy A. Parrish

Rigging Techniques and Asset Development

  • Release Date: Dec 4th, 2014
  • Genre: Computers


Rigging Techniques’ contains a small, but detailed sampling of the various setups which drive and support many of the CG’s most popular 3D characters, props, and environments. The text, imagery, and instructive video tutorials provide detailed overviews of the practices and procedures, which make asset development more production and user friendly. Learn several ways in which key control setups may be built to achieve the same or similar goals, offering varying degrees of user control, based on a variety of options. Develop a strong understanding of Maya’s rigging tools and the diverse ways in which they work together to build the better animation rig. Several hours of video lessons, imagery, and text explain setups and detail their application to CG assets.